P3 Solutions Group
Government Partnerships and Plans Yield Great Results

We design, finance, build, operate and maintain through public-private partnerships.

P3 Solutions Group, LLC (“P3SG”) is a policy driven infrastructure finance and development company. P3SG is organized by industry leaders in public policy, finance, construction, development and management to revolutionize the delivery of public projects by leveraging the skills of the private sector. The principals of P3SG have a combined experience of more than 75 years in the public and private sectors.

P3SG offers private and public financing solutions for a variety of public infrastructure and strives to work hand in hand with its public partners. Public-Private Partnerships is a valuable delivery for the public sector to build much needed public infrastructures, effectively reducing life cycle risks and costs.

Providing infrastructure opportunities is our business.


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What is a P3?

Public-Private Partnerships (“P3”) are contractual agreements between public agencies and private sector entities that allow for greater private sector participation in the delivery of public infrastructure projects. This delivery is characterized by sharing of investment, risk, responsibility and reward, with substantial risk allocation to the private entity.

P3's do not represent privatization of public infrastructure.  Rather, P3's enable greater private sector participation in the delivery of public infrastructure projects.  At the heart of P3’s is synergy and collective strength born from the collaboration between a private sector entity, which provides capital and assumes substantial development risk, and the public agency, which at all times retains ownership, control and remedies for non-performance.

P3's are a valuable tool for public agencies, especially today as fiscal stress threatens the growth agenda of cities throughout California.  In the face of mounting budget cuts and shortfalls, P3’s in many cases can effectively reduce the lifecycle risks and costs of the planning, development and delivery of a wide variety of needed public facilities and infrastructure.